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    Food Testing

    We are one of the Leading Food Testing Labs of India, having more than 15+ year of experience into Food & Beverage Testing services. We offer one stop solution for all food testing and auditing needs.
    Contact us today to get customized solutions to meet your food testing laboratory requirements, some of the key services offered are listed below

    Raw Food Testing

    It is essential to have random checks of raw material purchased like raw vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, seafood, and spices to ensure that they are not adulterated.

    Cooked Food Testing

    Food Microbial analysis is carried on cooked food to ensure it is safe and fit for human consumption. It is one of the basic compliances to be followed by restaurants as per Schedule IV of FSSAI.

    Swab Testing

    It’s a hygiene practice to ensure personal hygiene and sanitation process is followed. Swab Test avoids cross-contamination of the food being prepared.

    Water & Ice Testing

    These are primary & the most essential tests to be carried out as they are the major source of contamination. FSSAI has mandated to undergo the tests to check if the water & ice used is potable or not.

    Kitchen Hygiene Audit

    Kitchen Audits are essential to know if the food prepared in the premises comply with the basic food hygiene practices. Audits play an important role in improving the current conditions for better customer experience.


    Conducting frequent GMP & GHP Training will help the kitchen staff to understand the importance of following the hygiene practices and to replicate the same in everyday work.

    Food Shelf Life and its Importance

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